Vladimir A. Mošin et Seid M. TraljiĆ
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Nº mosin
Motif (German)Realien - Waffen - Armbrust
Place of UseLucca
date of use1370
Briquet Inédit*7193
Mosin-Traljic page 059
Place of UseDouai
date of use1374
Briquet Inédit*13031
Place of UseVenedig
Briquet Inédit*8619
Place of UseFano
first date of use1367
last date of use1375
Briquet 715 (image)
Briquet Briquet-715 (Briquet-Online)

* BI -Briquet Inédit: These are references to the unpublished tracings by Briquet held in the Briquet archive at the Bibliothèque de Genève (classified as a sequence of five boxes: Papiers Briquet 78-82), of which a certain number have been put on line also in the Gravell Watermark Project. Both with the images taken from Briquet's published work (B) and the unpublished images (BI), Mošin-Traljić retraced the original drawings with small inevitable distortions. In particular, they seem not to have understood the numbers found in the tracings, which they cite as though they formed part of a meaningful sequence, as in the published work, whereas these figures refer instead to the classification of the documents encountered by Briquet in his many journeys and can only be interpreted by reference to his travel diaries, which also form part of the Geneva archive. (Ilaria Pastrolin)



Academie Yougoslave des Sciences et des Beaux-Arts, Zagreb


Vladimir A. Mošin et Seid M. Traljić - Filigranes des XIIIe et XIVe SS., Zagreb 1957 (PDF-32Mb).


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