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Reference number: IBE 3125.10
Watermark description: hand, star / flower, six-pointed, 1-2, thumb right, III, A04.703.04
Bernstein description: figures, anthropomorphic - hand/glove, star / flower, six-pointed, 1-2, thumb right
Mainclass IPH: A
Position: mR
Number of chainlines: 2-4
Distance between chainlines: 76
Height: 96
Reproduction: Rubbing

Depository: Cordoba, BCap
Place of printing: Salamanca
Date deduced: about 1496
Printer: Printer of Nebrissensis, 'Gramática'
Papersize: Chancery
Size: 2o
Number of leaves: 220
Number of sheets: 110
Signature/sub: I7verso
Bibliographic references: IBE 3125

The research was conducted by the late Gerard van Thienen (former KB The Hague curator). The project was funded by the Bibliographical Society (London, BS). The data were inserted in the database by Marieke Polhout, Jill Hungenaert, Paula Stravers and Janneke Verdijk under supervision of Gerard van Thienen, with advisory support of Marieke van Delft (TheHague, KB). The web presentation was implemented by Emanuel Wenger (Vienna, ÖAW).
The legacy of Gerard van Thienen concerning the watermarks of incunables printed in Spain is hold by the Archivo Municipal de Oviedo (ANA Mª HERRERO MONTERO).